Flying Boat Wreckage Isle of Barra

Flying Boat Wreckage Isle of Barra
On the Isle of Barra in Scotland, lies the wreckage of a Royal Air Force (RAF) Consolidated Catalina flying boat which crashed during World War II. The plane was on a training flight from Oban on May 1944 when it encountered an unknown problem and ultimately crashed, resulting in the death of 3 out of its 9 crew members.
This crash site is located between the road and shore line on the bay side of Barra. There has been some speculation as to what caused this accident, but no one is certain what happened that day.  Whatever happened, it resulted in a tragedy that would have a lasting impact on all those involved.
The scene of this crash site makes for an interesting visit while vacationing on Barra. Not only does it serve as an eerie reminder of World War II, but it also serves as a testament to human courage and bravery. The three crew members who lost their lives are remembered with great admiration by locals and tourists alike.
The wreckage itself is still quite visible, with parts scattered around the site – from fuselage fragments to engine components – making for quite the picturesque view. 
Overall, this Catalina flying boat wreck site is certainly worth visiting if you’re vacationing on Barra island – even if just for a few minutes – as it serves both as a somber reminder of those who gave their lives in service during World War II and also provides an interesting insight into aviation history. This unique experience can easily be accessed via car, bike or foot along the bayside road leading up to where the plane came down almost 75 years ago now..

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