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Isle of Barra Lifeboat

Isle of Barra Lifeboat

The Isle of Barra Lifeboat is a fantastic illustration of a whole community’s selfless dedication and commitment. For more than 170 years, it has offered lifesaving assistance to people in danger on the island’s waters. The lifeboat has a long … Read More

View of Kisimul Castle, Castlebay

Kisimul Castle Isle of Barra

Scotland’s Isle of Barra is home to the beautiful and historic Kisimul Castle. Since it first appeared in written records in the early 1100s, the castle, which has stood for centuries, has had a remarkable history. Kisimul’s first recorded resident … Read More

Royal Visit to The Isle of Barra

Royal Visit to The Isle of Barra

A stunning island off the coast of Scotland called Isle of Barra has hosted a number of royal visits over the years, but none have been as noteworthy as Princess Diana and Prince Charles’ 1985 visit. For the islanders and … Read More

Flying Boat Wreckage Isle of Barra

Flying Boat Wreckage Isle of Barra

On the Isle of Barra in Scotland, lies the wreckage of a Royal Air Force (RAF) Consolidated Catalina flying boat which crashed during World War II. The plane was on a training flight from Oban on May 1944 when it … Read More

Isle of Barra Stranding Stones Brevig

Standing Stones of Brevig Isle of Barra

For visitors to the Isle of Barra, a visit to the Brevig Standing Stones is an absolute must. Nestled on the rolling hills of this remote Outer Hebridean island, these ancient stones are an integral part of the local culture … Read More

Isle of Barra Gin

Barra Gin looks set for exciting times ahead on the Isle of Barra

Barra Gin is a unique gin that was created by the people of the Isle of Barra. It has an established reputation as one of the most sought-after gins in Scotland and beyond. The story of Barra Gin begins back in 2012, when a group of local entrepreneurs decided to … Read More

Isle Of Barra

The Unforgettable Experience of Viewing the Northern Lights from The Isle of Barra

To experience one of the most incredible spectacles on earth, you don’t need to travel far. The Isle of Barra is a stunningly remote location, and an ideal spot for witnessing the northern lights in all its glory. This once-in-a-lifetime … Read More

Isle of Barra

Exploring the Isle of Barra: A Guide for Tourists

The Isle of Barra, located in Scotland’s Outer Hebrides, is a stunning destination that has been drawing visitors from around the world for decades. With its breathtaking beaches, lush greenery, and rich history, it’s no wonder why so many people … Read More

Whisky Galore! Isle of Barra

Exploring the Isle of Barra Through the Classic Film “Whisky Galore!”

The 1949 British comedy film “Whisky Galore!” is a beloved classic and an important part of Scottish history. The movie takes place on the Isle of Barra in the Outer Hebrides, and it captures much of the culture and beauty … Read More