Standing Stones of Brevig Isle of Barra

Isle of Barra Stranding Stones Brevig
For visitors to the Isle of Barra, a visit to the Brevig Standing Stones is an absolute must. Nestled on the rolling hills of this remote Outer Hebridean island, these ancient stones are an integral part of the local culture and history, and offer an insight into how life once was in this far-flung corner of Scotland.
The Brevig Standing Stones are located near Brevig, a small village on the east side of the Island. To get there, you will need to park your car CLICK HERE FOR GOOGLE MAP LOCATION  you’ll find pull-in parking bays. The huge standing stone is situated 500m up the hill with a shattered second stone nearby THE STONES ARE HERE.
The origin and purpose of these stones is something shrouded in mystery – there are various theories that have been suggested over time as to why they were placed there. One popular explanation among locals is that it was done by their ancestors as part of an ancient ritual intended to ward off evil spirits or bad luck from entering their lands. Others believe them to be grave markers or boundary stones left by Neolithic tribes who used them to divide up their territories. Whatever their purpose may have been, they certainly represent an important piece of history – one which should be respected and appreciated on any visit.
No one knows exactly when these stones were erected; radiocarbon dating has suggested that they could be anywhere between 3000 BC and 2000 BC old – making them almost 5 millennia old! In addition, despite numerous attempts by archaeologists over time, no other standing stones like them have ever been found on Barra since then – making them even more special!
Visiting these mystical monuments is sure to provide any visitor with a truly unforgettable experience – not only do they mark an important milestone in our world’s past but also stand testament to how much life has changed over time right here in this very spot! So if you’re ever lucky enough to make your way out to beautiful Barra Island then make sure you take in all that this remote corner of Scotland has to offer – including its very own historic standing stones of Brevig.

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